Missing Out

A lot of people say they wouldn't date older/younger. I've always liked older men since I was way younger . The thing I always get told is I'm going to miss out on my younger years by being with an older guy and I always say I won't , but am I? Will I? For... Continue Reading →


Hair Care

Today, I took down my hair . This is the day I always dread . Every time I take it down it seems it has gotten thicker . Usually I would wash and redo my twists but since I broke my routine and washed my twists I just decided to braid my hair up. I... Continue Reading →

Are You Happy With Yourself?

In Beyoncé's song , "Pretty Hurts", the outro stuck out to me. It really resonated on my current life and my battle with depression. It goes like this : When you're alone all by yourself And you're lying in your bed Reflection stares right into you Are you happy with yourself ? You stripped away... Continue Reading →


This blog post is specifically dedicated to the love of my life . My partner, my confidant ,my lover , my all. He is the king of all men and exemplifies what it means to be a true gentleman. I have never known a man of such splendour and benevolence . The fact that our... Continue Reading →

Washing My Mini Twists

So from my normal hair routine I usually keep my twists in for a month or a month and a week and then take down to wash; however , since having an infant it can make it a bit harder trying to wash, detangle, moisturise, twist etc , especially if you have a lot of... Continue Reading →

Breastfeeding 🤱🏽

  Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beautiful things that I've ever encountered when it comes to taking care of my son. The fact that a lot of people are so ignorant of something so natural is preposterous to me. Before becoming a breastfeeder I admit that I was ignorant to an extent... Continue Reading →

Parents With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Do you believe you have a parent with NPD? Do you know what NPD means ? A parent with narcissistic personality disorder more than likely is not aware that they exhibit narcissistic behaviour. For instance, with a narcissistic parent , parents usually raise their children and allow them to grow and express themselves. However, a... Continue Reading →

I Failed

Today was a very heartbreaking day to me . Now, to mums with several kids, you may have gotten used to this , but to a first time mother , especially one that's so emotionally attached ,such as myself , I felt like a complete failure . I had been up mostly all night because... Continue Reading →


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